The  Charleston-style farm house was built in 1875, and later founded as The Museum of NC Handicrafts by Mary Cornwell in 1977. Today, the collections in the Museum and Barn consists of beautiful antiques, heritage crafts, agricultural exhibits, and other items from  crafters and artisans past and present. The Village of Yesteryear crafters were instrumental  in providing donations of crafts for the Museum.  Charles Ray, oldest nephew of Will and Hattie Shelton, donated selected items from Will and Hattie’s  Southwestern Native American collection to the Museum.

Features in the Museum – Main Floor

Construction of the original house was started in 1875 by local woodcrafter Henry Napoleon Francis.  The family moved into the house in November of 1878.  The downstairs addition, with the dining room and kitchen, was added around 1880.  The room across from the parlor was originally used by Stephen and Mahala Shelton as a bedroom.  Attached to that room was a sleeping porch (East Porch) that was partially, at some point, turned into a closet area.

  • Entrance & Front Porch
  • The Living Room
  • The Native American Room (Originally a bedroom.)
  • The Dining Room
  • Kitchen
  • West Porch – Adjoining Spring House
  • East Porch

Featured in the Museum – Upstairs

The upstairs was originally two bedrooms that included a gabled dormitory styled room over the one story dining room/kitchen addition.  Will Shelton converted it in 1918, expanding it with  four additional  bedrooms, two baths, and a linen closet/dressing area.  He and Hattie ran a Boarding House in this upstairs addition for many years.

  • Shelton  Bedroom and Hattie’s bedroom (the Mary Cornwell/Village of Yesteryear room).
  • Gentlemen’s Restroom
  • Ladies Restroom with Period Clothing.   
  • Woodwork/Doll Room (Originally a bedroom with connecting door.)
  • Pottery Room (originally a bedroom with connecting door.)
  • Textile Room (originally  two  bedrooms with connecting door.)

Carriage House (Building Behind the House)

The building behind the Main House was built by Will Shelton around 1918. Originally a 2nd floor apartment for the housekeeper, the ground level had a coal bin storage area and a carriage house that was later turned into a two-car garage.  Today we call this,the Carriage House, and in 2019 we opened the “Shelton Carriage House Gift Shop”. Looking for a gift, souvenir, or treasure….you will find it here. We have over 25 artists/crafters who are displaying their works in the shop. 

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