The Shelton House was the first property in Haywood County to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. That was in 1979. Much work was done back then to maintain and preserve the Shelton House, garage apartment, and barn. However, to preserve and sustain the house, barn and grounds we continue to need Capital improvement and sustainment funds.

Over the past two years, we have restored the chimneys on the main house, funded in part by a DAR grant and the Town of Waynesville. In addition we have renovated the bathroom in the Museum to be handicapped accessible, funded by a private donor. The metal roofs on the barn and apartment were repainted in 2015, funded from the Shelton House Capital Improvement funds. Additional projects are underway to preserve the Museum collection and to provide facility upgrades to the house and the apartment under the planning guidance of our Building and Grounds Committee.

In 2014, the museum added its handsome, frame barn to the tour along with a wide and varied collection of antique farm implements. As a result the museum is listed in Buy Haywood’s Agritourism Guide. The museum also stands out for being recognized as a designated Craft Heritage site, Cherokee Heritage site, and Agriculture Heritage site in the Blue Ridge National Heritage Area.

We have accomplished much, but we still have so much more to do to achieve our vision.

We have a Capital Campaign for this important preservation work. Your tax-deductible contribution will go a long way toward these needs and goals, and could help to serve as a match for state and federal preservation grants. Please join us in this vital effort.

The Shelton House is a 501(c)(3) private, non-profit corporation. The operation of the Shelton House and the Museum of North Carolina Handicrafts depends on the generosity of the community, both locally and regionally in the form of patron subscriptions, volunteers, in-kind gifts, and cash donations.

To remain as a valued asset to the community our annual goal is to raise $40,000, including $25,000 in Community Support and $15,000 in Grants.

To that end we are currently…

  • Sponsoring local events
  • Forming partnerships with organizations such as Haywood Community College, Western Carolina University, HART Theater, and the Historic Farmers Market.
  • Joining member organizations including Museums in Partnership and the Chamber of Commerce
  • Applying for grants, including proposals to the Town of Waynesville, Daughters of the American Revolution and others.

Upgrading our technology to support operations, admissions and outreach.

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