Susan Baxley, Museum Guide

Evelyn Coltman, Museum Guide

Richard Coltman, Safety Consultant

Carol Litchfield, Museum Guide

Suzanne McDowell, Textile Curator

Lorna Sterling, Collections and Acquisition

Richard Tichich, Restoration Specialist


Town of Waynesville

Haywood Quilt Trails

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Down Town Waynesville Association

Patrons (Annotated by Donation Date)

Benefactor Patrons

Town of Waynesville (July 2018)

Platinum Patrons

Sarah Jane League and Dr. Gary W. Smith (June 2018)

Joe Sam Queen (July 2018)

Gold Patrons

Dick & Evelyn Coltman (June 2018)

Carol Litchfield (August 2018)

Judy Ross (August 2018)

Van Winkle Law Firm (June 2018)

Silver Patrons

Carol Feichter (October 2017)

Underwood-Dills & Associates (June 2018)

Bronze Patrons

Dr. Daniel & Betsy Boyd (June 2017)

Dr. Ann Carver – in memory of Aurelia Cathey (June 2017)

L. N. Davis Company (July 2018)

Dr. Kristen Hammett (June 2017)

John & Leila Lattimore – in memory of Mr. & Mrs. Hugh C. Brown & family (June 2017) 

Mark & Patti Pinkston (June 2018)

Doug & Patsy Pinkston (June 2018)

Norretta Taylor (August 2017)

Family, Individual & Other Patrons

Larry & Chris Ammons (June 2017)

John & Myra Bottoms (June 2017)

Tim & Julie Freeman (June 2017)

Friends of the Haywood County Animal Shelter (December 2017)

Karen Hammett (August 2017)

Wannie & Betsy Hardin (September 2017)

Jane Hipps (August 2017)

Susan Jenkins (June 2017)

Carol Kashmer (June 2017)

Charlotte McChesney (July 2017)

Margaret McCleskey (February 2017)

Marie Metcalf (February 2017)

Mountain View Garden Club (August 2017)

Marcy O’Nieal (July 2017)

Kaaren Stoner & David Erickson (August 2017)

Anita Strickhausen (August 2017)

Lynn & Chris Sylvester (June 2017)

Lee Galloway & Nancy Thompson (July 2017)

Gary & Linda Tollefson (August 2017)

Bill & Treva Upton (August 2017)

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